Wednesday, November 5, 2014

1. Ippudo

Hey! First stop is probably the most famous ramen place in all of nyc-Ippudo. We went for lunch during the week day so there wasn't much of a wait.

Atmosphere: Friendly greeting, chilled, nice interior.

Appetizer: Pork and Chicken Buns ($9 for 2 buns)
Entree: Akamaru Modern ($14), Shiromaru Hakata Classic ($14), Karaka Men ($14)
*ramens are cheaper by $1 during lunch, and there's a special lunch set option, pictured above- rice bowl with grilled eel (+$3)
Desserts: Green Tea Creme Brulee ($8)

Miscellaneous Pro's: lunch special, have special limited ramens, interesting bathrooms, pre-meal wipes, green tea after meal

Cons: no take out, no mochi ice cream

Total: $77.30 for 3 people