Monday, December 8, 2014

2. Naruto Ramen

The rain didn't stop us from visiting Naruto Ramen on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The wait was about 15 minutes for 5 people. The inside of the restaurant is very narrow, but we do get to watch the chef prepare our food. We counted five Neyo songs throughout the course of our meal.

 Gyoza 6 for $5(don't like the filling -K)

Left to right: Tan tan Ramen($11), Naruto Ramen($9), Vegetable Ramen($11)

Naruto Ramen-Soy sauce based noodle soup with bamboo shoot, boiled egg, scallion, dried seasweed, beansprout, fish cake and roast pork.

Tantan Ramen: Spicy sesame sauce with fish cake minced pork, beansprout and scallion. Wasn't that spicy at all!

Pros: pork is flavorful, cheaper ramen option
Cons: low/no greeting, only 14 seats, no bathrooms, no ramen refills

Bill: $60.43 for 5 people