Tuesday, March 10, 2015

4. Ise Menkui-tei

For lunch, we headed to Ise Menkui-tei and was surprised to see how empty it was given that we made reservations.

 Clockwise starting with the top left: Gekikara Ramen ($9.50), Menkui Ramen ($8.75), Curry over rice, Gyoza ($5.00) Miso Ramen ($8.75), 
Gekikara Ramen ($9.50) :Extra spicy flavored noodle soup (3 pcs, of roast pork. shredded scallions)
"The ramen was ok. Could have been better. Was forgettable." -Jo

 Menkui Ramen($8.75) : Pork based soup
the ramen was just ok. The onions overpowered the dish, especially when you bite into a huge chunk. The ramen itself was a good texture and the soup was tasteful, not an explosion of flavors. The meat was very dried."-Kate

 Miso Ramen ($8.75) : Miso (soy bean paste) flavored noodle soup, 2 pcs, roast pork, bean sprout bamboo shoot scallion. 
"Bland ramen but best gyoza thus far." -Allie

 "Ise-gekikara ramen pork is dry. There is lack of flavoe in rhw aoup. It could be due to the overpowering of spice (and not in a good way since i love spicy). Wouldn't recommend this bowl." -Amy